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served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Consumer Psychology and was the editor of the Journal of Consumer Psychology from 2008 to 2012.

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Professor C Whan Park, a preeminent figure in the marketing field, has a professional journey that traverses several decades and crosses global boundaries. Currently presiding as the Director of the Global Branding Center, Park's unique contributions have marked him out in academia and the broader marketing landscape. He continues to influence the marketing discipline from his home base in Los Angeles, California.

Setting sail on an academic voyage in marketing, Park's career has been consistently marked by stellar achievements and substantial impact. At the helm of the Global Branding Center, he plays a pivotal role in shaping and understanding global branding dynamics.

Before making his mark at the University of Southern California (USC), Park was endowed with the Albert Wesley Frey Distinguished Professor of Marketing position at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. His tenure there was characterized by numerous successes, setting a sturdy platform for his influential role at USC.

Park has also distinguished himself as an accomplished writer. His latest book, "Brand Admiration: Building a Business People Love," offers a profound view into brand management, contributing to an already illustrious list of publications, including articles in esteemed academic journals like the Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Consumer Research.

Between 2008 and 2012, he was entrusted with the role of editor of the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and he also holds a position on the editorial board for the Journal of Marketing and Consumer Psychology, affirming his esteemed standing in the marketing field.

Professor Choong Whan Park's illustrious career is decorated with numerous awards and accolades, demonstrating his immense impact on marketing academia. Among these honors are the Davidson Honorable Mention and Alpha Kappa Psi. His recognition as an Academic Fellow by the Korean Marketing Association (KMA) bears testament to his influence within and beyond the United States.

Park's areas of expertise cover a broad spectrum within the marketing discipline, with a central focus on brand awareness, developing globally successful brands, and marketing strategies. His substantial research and teaching experience solidifies his stature as an authoritative figure in these areas.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Park enjoys reading, engaging with education, and teaching - interests that align perfectly with his academic career. These pastimes offer him relaxation and intellectual enrichment, while his interest in teaching allows him to delve deeply into the learning process for himself and his students.

The career of C Whan Park symbolizes a deep commitment to the marketing discipline, guided by relentless intellectual curiosity. His extensive body of work, his influence on academic publications, and leadership within educational institutions have all shaped the contemporary understanding and practice of marketing. His ongoing contributions to the field ensure that his impact will continue to resonate with future marketing professionals and scholars.

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